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Scaling up the delivery of the
Infection and Treatment Method (ITM) in Tanzania
through facilitation of ITM delivery value chain=

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This USAID-funded project aims to improve livestock productivity as well as women and men farmers’ income by supporting public and private sector institutions to better control East-Coast-Fever (ECF) through the improved delivery of ITM in Tanzania. The project will be implemented in areas

  • with a high number of cattle at risk of contracting ECF (e.g. Arusha, Manyara, Mwanza, Shinyanga, Singida, Kagera) as well as in areas
  • where dairy development has strengthened the interest in ITM (e.g. Tanga, Mbeya).

Project Objectives

  1. Expanding the distributional reach of the vaccine
  2. Sensitization and awareness creation
  3. Improving vaccine delivery

The project will also address several cross-cutting issues including gender, environment, nutrition and climate change. The project will deliberately encourage women participation along the ITM value chain including vaccine distribution, vaccination and other associated enterprises wherever possible. The project will ensure that the women and other vulnerable groups are not disadvantaged by the ITM technology. The project will have direct and indirect environmental benefits including widespread use of ITM.